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Welder Machine

S2- Type AC Spot Welder

Non-oil supply inflating guide with high performance
   adopted (Electrode stroke is is of one-touch switching)
A ball valve mounted at feed-water inlet
Tranparent hose available for stream confirmation
Microcomputer timer mounted (welding time interlock
Operation available with little cooling water
   (comparing with our previous type/under 50kVA)

Welding Timer

Additional functions are further substantiated. And
   also available used as simple control device by signal 
2 current monitor displays.
   2-stage power-on monitoring available.
Direct input method adopted.
   Preset value can be inputted accurately.
A maximum of 31 welding conditions can be inputted.
   (15/31 condition switching type)

Total tapping dots counter added.
   Counter function was further substantiated.

External management of stored input data is available
   as an option feature.

YAG Laser Welder

■By using the power feedback feature, stable  
 laser output of set waveform can be repeated.
■By using the advanced waveform control
 function, an optimum welding condition
 can be programmed for any material.
■High power efficiency and diverge balance have
 been achieved through elimination of power loss.
■By using the high speed condition switching
 control (1.0 ms), speedy spot welding
 is possible with multiple welding schedules.

Scanning Type Laser Welding System




Multi schedule and high speed spot welding
The setting schedules (power and waveform) of every welding spot in the
processing area can be changed for welding. Maximum pulse repetition is at 70 pps.
Highly accurate welding point
Positioning accuracy is +/-10 μm/°C or less (ambient air temperature: 20 to 30°C)
Application specific selection of laser welders
Choose from a wide range of welders to meet your application requirements
and repetition rate.



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