3D Ultrasonic Inspection System

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  • Matrixeye™ VI for spot welding inspection
  • The world-first 3D SAFT(*1)inspection equipment with phased array function which enables higher resolution and higher sensitivity
    (*1)SAFT:Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
  • Easy-to-see inspection system
    Displays high-definition 3D images using a uniquely-developed synthetic aperture method
  • Automatic pass/fail determination with high degree of accuracy
    Measures series of weld points in a parts according to DB(Data Base). Equipped with a function for press welding detection.
  • No need for replacement of probes
    Equipped with a 64-channel matrix probe, eliminating the need for replacement of probes depending on the diameter of welding parts.

Inspection result screen

Inspection example

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Belief
The World-First 3D SAFT
The World-First 3D SAFT
 Easy To See Inspection System
Easy To See Inspection System
High Resolution
High Resolution

Product Specifications

Items Specifications
Pulsar Range of transmission delay 12.5ns
Transmission delay 12.5ns x 4095(51.18us)
Pulse voltage 20V – 180V
Tranmission pulse width variable(12.5ns – 1000ns)
Receiver Number of receive channels 64ch
Amplifier frequency range 0.5 – 25MHz
Gain 0~50dB
Imaging Image synthetic process SAFT
Power supply Battery Li-ion battery(95Wh)
Number of batteries 1 or 2
Battery operation time 2h, 4h(use of two batteries)
AC 100V – 240V 50/60Hz
Ambient condition Ambient temperature 5 – 35°C
Ambient humidity Relative humidity:20-80%,
Non condensing
General spec Dimension 3W:305xD:130xH:210mr
Weight Approx 5kg
CPU Atom D510 1.66GHz
Memory 2GB
Hard disk 500GB
OS Windows7 Pro for EMB
Display 10.4-inch touch panel display
USB 2.0×4
Accessories Keyboard/ Mouse
Remote controller
Battery x 2
Battery charger
AC adaptor
Power supply cord
Items Specifications Note
Number of welded plates to be inspected Two or three plates  
Collective setting of plate thickness The combination of plate thicknesses of multiple welding points is set in a collective way.A list created by Microsoft Excel is exported to a Welding Points Information File.  
Setting of imaging conditions Iron, aluminum  
Surface adjustment function Adjusts the position of the surface of inspection object to be visualized  
Parallelism check function Checks the parallelism between a probe shoe surface and a sheet during measurement (imaging)  
Display of results Pass/fail determination (Good,Small or Open) Good and Small are determined based on preset threshold values.
Major and minor axes of welded part  
Average diameter of welded part (= (major axis
+ minor axis)/2)
Depth of impression  
Thickness of welded part  
List of saved data A list of saved data is created in CSV format

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