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  • QCW fiber laser controls the CW fiber in a pulse-controlled method to obtain the higher peak power and laser energy of the pulse laser, and the higher beam quality of the fiber laser, which can achieve the best welding effect.
  • Constant beam quality within a full power range.
  • Superior power output and energy stability.
  • With high peak power can weld high anti-materials, such as copper, aluminum, etc.
  • Can replace some of the YAG laser welding applications to reduce maintenance costs, and QCW can be easier upgraded to meet majority of existing systems.
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High Peak Power
High Peak Power
Higher Beam Quality
Higher Beam Quality
High Energy Stability
High Energy Stability

Product Specifications

Thk. (mm) Materials Welding Methods
SUS AU CU NI Splicing Welding Penetration Welding
0.2 / / / / / /
0.5 / / / / / /
1.0 / x x / / /
1.5 / x x / / x

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