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  • Model SP-3510 is compatible with a wide range of resistance welding machine measurement by any method such as single phase AC, inverter, capacitor type, etc. Current detection is measured with our own toroidal coil.
  • The measurement display can be selected according to the use by preparing four patterns of “normal display”, “disassembled data”, “welding waveform”, “graph data”.
  • The current value, voltage value, energization time of spot welding are measured and displayed on the liquid crystal touch panel screen.
  • Measurement data can be saved to SD card and output from USB connector. Also, an optional external thermal paper roll printer is also available.
  • Current value · voltage value · energization time · waveform is displayed on the liquid crystal touch panel. (3.5 inch, 240 x 320 dots)
  • Easy operation and setting change can be done by adopting touch panel method.
  • Measurement data · Waveform data can be saved on SD card and data output by USB connector can also be used.
  • The energization time can be measured up to 9999 cycles (3 minutes or more) and also supports continuous seam welding.
  • Current measurement is a wide range from 1.0 kA to 500 kA.
  • The power source is two built-in lead storage battery and AC adapter.
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Two Built-In Lead Storage Battery
Two Built-In Lead Storage Battery
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