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  • Nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, aluminum, steel, magnesium, zinc, titanium, copper, gold, silver, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber etc..
  • Optical devices, glass processing, eyeglasses and clock, precision machinery, ceramics, plastic keys, electronic components, mobile components, auto parts etc..
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High Reliability Welding
High Reliability Welding
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High Performance

Product Specifications

Model   ILC-U-3 UV   ILC-U-5 UV
  Wavelength   355nm
  Marking power   ≥3W   ≥5W
  Beam quality M²   <1.2
  Beam diameter   1.8±0.1mm
  Laser working mode   Pluse
  Repetition rate   10~120KHZ
  Standard engraving range   110*110mm
  Optional engraving range   70*70mm,140*140mm,200*200mm
  Minimum line width   0.03mm
  Minimum character   0.1mm
  Repeat accuracy   ±0.02mm
  Electrical requirements   100~240V,50/60HZ
  Cooling method   water cooling
  Other features   Electric control box and laser head interconnection cable length of 2.5 meters
  Ambient temperature: 18~35℃
  Power consumption   1500W
  Standard accessories   Cabinet work table, size: 600 * 1130 * 1543mm Lifting range: 80-500mm
  Display, keyboard, mouse, pad
  Foot switch, laser control panel
  Optional accessories   Smoke purifier: beneficial to clean and beautify work space

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