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  • Laser diode uses semiconductor materials as the working substance to generate laser.
  • The laser is coupled via the fiber, and several small power semiconductor lasers are coupled into the fiber to form high power laser to output.
  • The laser diode with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, more compact size and more competitive price than fiber laser. Due to the laser diode with large size beam, even energy distribution, which more suitable for plastic welding, laser soldering, etc.
  • Long service life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, no consumable parts.
  • Mainly used for plastic welding, laser wire feeding, laser soldering, etc.
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Long Service Life
Long Service Life
High Electro-Optical Conversion Efficiency
High Electro-Optical Conversion Efficiency
High Power Laser
High Power Laser

Product Specifications

Thk. (mm) Materials Welding Methods
SUS AU CU NI Splicing Welding Penetration Welding
0.2 / / / / x /
0.5 / / / / / /
1.0 / / x / / /
1.5 x x x / / /

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