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  • Model SP-3288 is handy type welding meter of secondary current and welding time for all kinds of resistance welding.
  • Sensor is MEKANO patented toroidal coil for precise current detection.
  • Measured data is digitally indicated in the display and stocked in built-in memory.
  • RMS effective value calculated at each half cycle or Peak value of welding current is displayed together with welding time and conduction angle.
  • In case of capacitor discharge type welder, it measures and displays peak value of current and time(ms) to peak current or time(ms) to the end of current application.
  • More compact lighter body and touch key is improved for easier operation.
  • Measured data of maximum 100counts are stocked in built-in memory.
  • Wide range for measurement (Current: Max. 99.9kA, Time: Max. 999.5CY 2000ms).
  • The unit displays measured data; “Count No.”, “Current (kA)”, “Welding time (cycle / ms)” and “Conduction angle”.
  • Additional new functions support measurement of designated time scope for any current type and designated pulse number for multi-pulse current application.
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Product Specifications

Welding Current Ranges 0.50kA—-9.99A I 5.0kA,….,25.0kA I 10.0kA,….,99.9kA
Indication Average of RMS value or PEAK value
Accuracy ±2% of full scale
Welding time Ranges Cycle: 0.5,….,999.Scycles, mSec: 0.1,….,2000mSec
Indication [Cycles] All over weld time [mSec] Time to Peak(Tp) I Time to End(Tz)
Accuracy Cycle: ±0.Scycle, mSec: ±0.1mSec
Power source NiMH battery (1900mAH)
AC adaptor (AC100-240V 50/60Hz 2A)
Operating temperature range 5°C ,…, 40°C
Dimensions 87(W) x 151(H) x 30(0) mm
Weight 0.45kg (Main unit) I Approx. 1.8kg (Including Case & Accessories)
Accessories Toroidal coil PU-158 (16 x 500mm, U-Shape), AC adaptor (AC100-240V)
Carrying case, Strap, Instruction manual, Test Certificate

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