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Model WM-Ex is high quality manufacture with various functions

◇・Improved operability with LCD screen and touch panel

◇・ISO compliant mode available on effective value calculation

◇・Max. 10sec. of displacement can be measured

◇・RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet(Option, under development) to help quality control system

◇・2points of measurement start can be set on a same welding waveform and their current data can be measured individually.(Measured intervals are 2intervals)


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High Quality
High Quality
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Stable Operability
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High Performance

Product Specifications

Model WM-EX
Current Measurement range 0.1~99.9kA
Measurement mode Normal calculation mode: Arithmetic mean RMS for every 0.5 cycles or 1ms ISO compliant mode: Effective value from measurement start to end
Measurement accuracy Within +1.5%
Voltage Measurement range 0.30~20.00V (6V range, 20V range)
Measurement item Peak value in weld time or Effective value from measurement start to end
Measurement accuracy Within +1%
Weld time Measurement range AC: 1~2000ms, 0.5~200.0CYC (50Hz), 0.5~240.0CYC (60Hz), 0.5~1500CYC (~250Hz)
DC: 0.1~10000ms
Displacement Measurement range +9.999/99.99mm
Measurement item 3points
Welding conditions 127
Analog input for general purposes Temperature [CI, Input voltage [V], Squeezing [kN], Pressure [Mpa] etc. can be measured.
Language English, Chinese, Japanese
Communication RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet (Option, under development)
Input Power Supply AC100~240V +10%, 50/60Hz
Weight 5kg

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